2018 ICCM Americas Travel Advice

//2018 ICCM Americas Travel Advice
2018 ICCM Americas Travel Advice2018-06-15T02:00:43+00:00

Below are a few things to note about coming to ICCM this year.

  • If your flight is delayed or something else comes up that you need to get ahold of a conference organizer call (484) 808-2013

  • If you specified that you’re bringing your linens, you will get a mattress but that is all that you’re guaranteed (please plan on bringing a pillow, sheets, blanket, mattress pad, soap, towel)

  • The beds at HLGU are twin size.

  • A towel and washcloth will be provided to those that are not bringing their own linens. If you want more than one then you will need to bring them.

  • You will need to bring other toiletries

  • Many choose to bring a small backpack to keep a notebook and pen in

  • The temperature of the sleeping rooms is controlled individually.

  • Get lots of sleep before you come because late night chats and games are part of the fun at ICCM!

  • There are no refrigerators in the rooms.