Pre-Conference workshops will be offered Wednesday from 8am to 5pm.

MS Azure Administration

by Kevin Weaver

How and why to use Azure, told from the view of a die-hard, I-run-my-own-local-server-farm kind of guy. This will cover Azure Active Directory, DNS, SQL and web services, and of course hosted virtual machines. It will include using the Azure network fabric, and ways to connect cloud and on-premises services without breaking the bank. It will include at least a bit on using PowerShell to manage Azure resources, which includes most of what is on one’s Office 365 tenant.

Technology Partnerships Between Missions and Academia

By Tom Nurkkala

What is it?
A one-day, pre-conference workshop to share ideas, experiences, and best practices for technology partnerships between missions organizations and higher education.

Who is it for?
Missionaries, professors, administrators and students interested in continuous improvement of technology partnerships between missions and academia

What will we do?
Engage with one another in focused, moderated discussion of key ideas, past experiences, successes and failures, needs, goals, and aspirations.

Topics may include (but are not limited to) internships, on-campus projects, short-term field experiences (one week to one month), long-term field experiences (longer than one month), mentoring, financial implications, fundraising, and impact on student success.

We will hold multiple sessions throughout the day, each with a specific focus. All sessions will be moderated, and a scribe will take notes.

What will we deliver?

We will inaugurate a living resource (e.g. blog, Google doc, web site) that captures our current understanding  and guidance for best practices in missions-academic partnerships. This resource will be updated over time as our experience and understanding grow. (For an aspirational example, see the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions website.)

In addition, we will pursue other avenues for disseminating best practices (e.g. publications in Evangelical Missions Quarterly)


By Tim Young

The help-a-thon is an ICCM workshop where attendees get to help each-other. People should be willing to share about the technologies used at their own organization, share some of the current issues they are facing, and be able to remote in with some of the other attendees to look at them. In previous years we have: rebuilt email-servers, fixed DNS settings, and talked through everything from wireless deployments to policy issues.

Database Design, Development, and Optimization

by Paul Nielsen

This one-day workshop focuses on database schema design, SQL code, and overall optimization of database performance. Based on real-world experience, this day will provide a range of solutions based on the needs and questions of the participants. Paul is a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author of Microsoft SQL optimization courses and certification exams, and author of the SQL Server Bible series of best-selling books.