2018 ICCM Americas Registration and Fees

//2018 ICCM Americas Registration and Fees
2018 ICCM Americas Registration and Fees 2018-04-17T01:18:40+00:00
 Conference options Early Bird
(ends 4/18)
On-site Attendee, private room guaranteed $295 $375
On-site Attendee, 2-person room acceptable $275 $350
On-site Attendee, 3-person room acceptable $250 $310
Commuter (meals only) $195 $245
Workshops (all early, must also register & pay for
early arrival)
One Day $25 $30
Two Day (None listed yet) $50 $60
Early Arrival, commuter (meals only), each day $25 $30
Early Arrival, prg*, each day $40 $50
Early Arrival, 2pra*, each day $35 $45
Early Arrival, 3pra*, each day $30 $40
Early Arrival, spouse, each day $30 $40
Airport Shuttle, two-way $40 $50

Bring your own linens (and pillow)                             $25 discount per person

After June 9, you may still attend at the Commuter rate, however you will be on your own for meals and you will not get any swag.  Please let us know that you will be coming and plan on paying when you arrive with cash or check.

* prg=private room guaranteed, 2pra/3pra=’two/three persons per room is acceptable’