Collaboration and Concerns of Tech Leaders in Larger Missions Organizations

by Darci Nurkkala

In partial fulfillment of her Master of Science degree in 2018, Darci surveyed upper level technology managers for larger Christian missions organizations to determine their top concerns, their interest in collaboration, and the best way to facilitate that. While her degree was completed in 2018, Darci has continued to interact with these managers and gained additional insight through collaboration. Her findings will be shared at ICCM Americas 2020.

Collaboration between Business and Mission

By Roy Campbell

What’s the right model or mix of models and how can they all work together and collaborate?
Is building the Kingdom of God a business?
Are charity and commerce compatible?
Can or should charities and commercial businesses work together when doing Kingdom work? If they do work together, how can it work?
How does sustainability factor in?

Collaboration across Cultures


Collaboration between Higher Education and Mission

by Dr. Eric Straw

In this presentation you will learn what it takes for someone to go from uninformed to willing-to-sacrifice for God’s mission. Your organization needs more workers. Every organization needs more workers. Join me as I share the theology and actions that impact recruiting workers for God’s mission with an emphasis on recruiting workers from colleges and universities.