Below are a few of the amazing people that help make ICCM the success that it is.

Note: For security purposes, not all of our session leaders want to be listed.

Becky Bertram
When she was a child, Becky colored on the reams of dot-matrix printer paper that her father brought home from the the room-sized computers he programmed. In 1984, Becky learned how to write BASIC programs on her family’s 128k Macintosh computer. Technology has continued to excite her ever since. For more than two decades, Becky has helped organizations large and small leverage technology to improve how they do what they do. Microsoft has taken note of her enthusiasm, having awarded her the prestigious “Most Valuable Professional” award every year since 2009. Becky has also been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over a decade, has written and edited multiple Microsoft professional exams and on-demand training courses, and is a published technical author. She is actively involved in the St. Louis M365 user group and speaks regularly at user groups and conferences around the country. You can follow Becky on Twitter at @beckybertram.
Courtney Hicks
Courtney has been working with X31 Technologies since 2017 providing Linux systems administration, security. He also has been working with NodePing since then too providing Linux systems administration, automation, backup solutions, etc. Courtney is a Linux admin by day, but has heavy preferences toward FreeBSD and OpenBSD and uses them to host all sorts of software. He is a novice Erlang/Elixir developer too. He also received his associates and bachelors degrees in cyber security. Courtney’s hobbies include cooking, monkeying with computer operating systems, the occasional blog post, photography, and being a total coffee nerd.
Dorinda Beeley
Dorinda Beeley started serving in missions technology in 2002 and eventually met her husband, Greg, at the ICCM Conference. She now serves alongside Greg at LightSys Technology Services and chases their three small boys when not (or while) connecting techies with missions opportunities.
Greg Beeley
Greg co-founded LightSys with Tim Young in 1999 and serves as president of LightSys, where he works with Linux, networking, software development, missions mobilization, worship, and nonprofit finance. Greg learned to code, gained a heart for worship, and was called to missionary work, long before the Lord showed him that those things could be joined together. He graduated from Taylor University in 1996, where he studied computer science with an artificial intelligence emphasis. He and his wife Dorinda met at ICCM and have three very active young boys.
Kevin Weaver
Kevin has worked in network and server admin for more than twenty years, all in the missions context. Most of his server work has been with Microsoft systems. He also graduated from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, with an emphasis on missions, and before that he served in several roles with the U.S. Army. He has been with LightSys for more than 10 years. He has been married to Heidi for more than twenty years. Together they teach science and arts to young people.
Patricia Young
Patricia is the wife of Tim Young. She works diligently behind the scenes before and during ICCM to make sure everything runs smoothly. This conference would be lost without her help!
Roy Campbel
Roy Campbell is a Christ follower, husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather. He’s also an adopted dad to his niece and thereby a grandfather to her children. Apparently he also has a grandpuppy or 4.
For work, he enjoys using technology to solve issues of social justice and building God’s kingdom both in his Canadian home and abroad. He enjoys discussing God/Theology, Technology and Culture and their interactions. He also enjoys eGaming, board gaming, live gaming, sports (live gaming= sports where risk of injury is minimal) and crokinole (a table top sport).
His favorite social club is ICCM and was heavily involved with the leadership team from 2002 – 2016. With THE Tim and Patricia Young, he co-founded ICCM Africa.
Over the last several years, he has been involved in co-founding Learning for Humanity whose mandate is Education for EveryOne. Currently he is providing programming and consulting services while looking for other opportunities.
Sean Eyre
Sean Eyre is CEO of Ericius Security Company, which exists to provide cybersecurity support to people serving in dangerous situations so that they can keep their people, information, and networks safe. Sean graduated from West Point with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Computer Science and was commissioned as an officer in Military Intelligence. He worked in all-source intelligence for four years before transitioning to the Army Cyber Operations Corps where he worked in defensive cyber operations as a threat hunter, incident responder, and data scientist. Sean started Ericius Security in 2018 following a calling to commit his skillset to helping other people and ran the company on the side for two years before leaving active duty to build the company in earnest in 2020. Ericius Security primarily assists mission-based organizations by designing and architecting cybersecurity strategy, conducting risk assessments, delivering training, and—from time to time—coaching incident response. Sean has presented and published research in social network science for targeting key entities as well as viral marketing. His recent presentations include how to exploit post-execution forensic artifacts of PowerShell usage, how to develop a portable security stack on a budget, how to collect and exploit WiFi data using data science, trends in cybersecurity, basics of operations security, and trends in ransomware as a service. He is a Christian and husband, and his hobbies include Python programming, open-source intelligence, Judo, and generally cramming more into a day than sanity permits.
Tim Young
Tim Young started in ICCM in 1993 when he accidentally attended the conference. After stumbling into the conference, he attended all the sessions he could, eventually becoming a technical helper for the conference, track leader, and eventually a chair. Tim has helped with ICCM-Americas, ICCM-Europe, ICCM-Africa-EN and ICCM-Africa-FR. His role as a LightSys field consultant is to visit missions and help them with their technology. He has visited over 180 different ministry locations in 17 countries.