Pre-Conference workshops will be offered Wednesday from 8am to 5pm.


By Tom Francis and George Peavey

The help-a-thon is an ICCM workshop where attendees get to help each-other. People should be willing to share about the technologies used at their own organization, share some of the current issues they are facing, and be able to remote in with some of the other attendees to look at them. In previous years we have: rebuilt email-servers, fixed DNS settings, and talked through everything from wireless deployments to policy issues.

Bible Study

Come dig in to God’s word with us.

Developing Your M365 Communication and Document Management Strategy Using SharePoint and Teams

In this workshop, we will focus on how you can use SharePoint Online to build your organization’s intranet. We will then focus on how you can develop a strategy for organizing and maintaining your teams in Microsoft Teams, specifically as it relates to document management and communication. (Please note that we will not specifically be covering the voice features or Teams Rooms, etc. in this workshop.) This will be a hands-on workshop, so come with your laptop and be prepared to build out a sample intranet and to create your own teams in a demo environment, or in your own tenant if you have permissions.

Topics we will cover include:

  • How to plan your intranet site structure using hub sites
  • How to edit web pages and create news stories and events in your SharePoint intranet
  • How to manage security in your intranet sites
  • Understanding the connection between Teams and Microsoft 365 groups
  • Understanding channel types in Teams, including standard, private, and the new “shared”
  • Teams administration concept including: naming conventions, group expiration policies and archiving
  • Understanding sharing, guest accounts, and B2B collaboration in Teams and SharePoint

Building Cybersecurity Programs

No matter how you cut it, you can’t avoid it: Your team needs a cybersecurity program.

Cyber attacks frequent the news, governments are setting privacy and security regulations, customers (and donors) expect it, the board wants to know about it… and you can’t afford to lose communications with a field worker because someone didn’t configure multi-factor authentication.

This workshop will expose you to the basics of building your cybersecurity program based on Ericius Security’s experience helping missionary, anti-trafficking, and corporate teams improve or lay the foundations for computer security programs. We’ll cover:

  • Goals and drivers of cybersecurity
  • How to evaluate your organization and set your initial direction
  • Useful (and affordable) cybersecurity frameworks to help your design
  • Commons business rhythms used to build discipline and team culture
  • Foundational wins and milestones that maximize security returns and build momentum