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Shared Platform for Mission Organisations

Digital platforms are everywhere (eg. Amazon, Uber) providing easy access to information and making new discoveries possible. MissionsInterlink, an association of 120 mission organisations in Australia, has built a digital platform for gathering and promoting mission opportunities, projects, events, training and more. Members post content and MissionsInterlink promotes it through websites, social media and conferences.

What makes this really powerful is that it is now easy to aggregate information across organisations. For example a website called MissionSeek.com.au allows Christians to search job opportunities across all member organisations. Come and listen our challenges and successes and we hope to hear your ideas on how we can do this better.

The Key Elements to a Strong Product Ownership Model

Learn about the key elements that contribute to making a strong product ownership model. We will dive into the people, personas, relationships, processes and center of excellence governance that makes up a good team needed to manage the technology offerings that supply services to your organization.

Database Design, Development, and Optimization

This session provides a quick look at database schema design, SQL code, and overall optimization of database performance. Paul is also leading a more comprehensive full-day pre-conference workshop of the same title as this session. Paul is a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author of Microsoft SQL optimization courses and certification exams, and author of the SQL Server Bible series of best-selling books.

“It Works for Me!”: Problem Solving Strategies

We’ll discuss some strategies for solving software problems, particularly when you don’t (or can’t) observe the problem yourself. This presentation will be heavily laden with anecdotes from my own career, highlighting successful strategies, and probably some not-so-sucessful strategies, too. We’ll also talk about asking questions, and how to narrow in on the question(s) that might solve the problem.

Principals of Application Performance Testing, Analysis and Tuning

In this presentation you will learn the principals involved in the measurement and analysis of the performance characteristics of a software application. This will include an overview of the various types of performance tests, the principals involved in designing specific performance tests, the identification of application and system-level metrics to collect during testing, and the analysis of results produced by the various types of performance tests. In addition, I will discuss principals involved in the design and execution of follow-up performance tuning and optimization exercises.

Collaborative Development Environments

Review and discuss collaborative development environments that can help us to better engage our team, partners, volunteers, and associates in producing better code for the Kingdom.

History of the English Bible (pre-1611)

Did you know that the commentary notes for Exodus 1:19 in the Geneva Bible made King James so angry that he commissioned a new bible translation that would forever prohibit study notes? As Bible Geeks we all love the stories and details of the English Bible. This session will examine several replicas of significant and lesser known pre-King James Version English Bibles, learn the stories behind the Bibles, and try to read favorite passages in the old scripts.

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