2018 ICCM Americas Schedule

//2018 ICCM Americas Schedule
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  • Conference Dates:  (advanced conference registration required – no registrations are allowed at the door).
    • Conference begins with supper at 6 pm, Wednesday, June 27 in the dining commons.  The opening session follows at 7 pm.
    • On-site check in for attendees begins at 1:30 pm (campus location to be announced).
    • Conference ends with lunch at noon on Saturday, June 30
    • All conference attendees must check out following the final lunch meal on Saturday, June 30.
      Exception:  Volunteers wishing to assist with post conference clean-up are welcome to stay for a couple extra hours.
  • Optional Preconference Workshops (requires workshop and early arrival registration in advance):
    • Workshops are on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 26 and 27, beginning with supper at 6 pm on Tuesday in the dining commons.  The opening workshop sessions follow at 7 pm.
    • On-site check in for conference attendees begins at 1:30 pm (campus location to be announced).
  • Optional Early Arrival Dates (open to volunteers or anyone else needing to arrive early – requires early registration in advance):
    • Early arrivers may arrive either Monday or Tuesday, June 25 or 26.
    • The first meal included for early arrivers is supper at 6 pm on the day of your registered early arrival.
    • On-site check in for early arrivers begins at supper on Monday or 1:30 pm on Tuesday.
  • Shuttle service from and to Saint Louis International Airport:  (Attendees desiring shuttle service must register for the service in advance)
    • On Tuesday (for workshop attendees) and Wednesday (for general attendees), a conference shuttle service will be available departing from the airport at 3:00 pm for those who have requested the service in advance.
      • Shuttle drivers will try to accommodate those whose flights are slightly delayed, but conference participants might have to secure alternate travel arrangements if they are unable to meet the shuttle schedule.
      • The travel time from the airport to Hannibal is approximately two hours.
    • On Saturday (following the final lunch), the shuttle service will depart Hannibal at 1:00 pm (immediately following lunch), with a planned airport arrival of approximately 3:00 pm.

Detailed schedule: