2018 ICCM Americas Speaker and Leader Bios

//2018 ICCM Americas Speaker and Leader Bios
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Carl Armstrong
Carl Daudt
Carl Daudt, employed as Systems Analyst with Taylor University, serves the ICCM 2018 Americas Conference as Platform Chair. He and his wife, Judy support missions through technology and technology related missions, adoption of college aged missionary kids, and commitment to long term relationships with missionaries and the mission community. Carl and Judy served for over eleven years as advisors for the Mu Kappa student organization at Taylor University, an organization for missionary kids in college. Carl is a geophysicist by training, and has maintained connections with international students since his graduate school days. Carl first attended ICCM in 2001 at the JAARS facility in Waxhaw, NC.
Caroline Francis
Corey has a Ph.D. in cybersecurity and has had a career as a technology practitioner (network engineer and server administrator). He currently leads the security department for a large non-profit healthcare organization. In addition, he is the information security adviser for a multi-agency group that works in sensitive areas. Corey regularly gives security presentations to international audiences.
Courtney Hicks
Courtney Hicks is a graduate from the CyberWatch West headquarters, Whatcom Community College, and continued his education to get his bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems Security at Western Washington University. He is one of the first graduates of both these programs and came out with a rich knowledge in applied security controls. His favorite portion of security deals with proactive forensics and how to balance both security and confidentiality, integrity, and availability within a given situation. Some of Courtney’s favorite technology to work with is Linux, FreeBSD (learning other BSDs), filesystems, web applications, and a new interest in Python programming. He feels that the Lord has truly blessed him with many opportunities in his life to serve Him, in having the opportunity to serve working and serving with X31 Technologies, serving on the Serve & Equip board of directors with David Moore, and getting to be a part of this great community, working to the glory of God and serving His kingdom.
Dorinda Beeley
Greg Beeley
Jason Maas
Kevin Weaver
Michelle Todd
Paul Federwitz
Over the last twenty years, Paul Federwitz has worked with small to medium organizations in both the US and West Africa, helping them to best utilize technology to accomplish their missions. He serves with Lutheran Bible Translators in Ghana, from where he handles their international IT needs and provides guidance to local partners. Along with supporting language technology, he has been implementing Office 365 for the last six years.
Shawn Parrish
Shawn Parrish is a codemonkey/sysadmin for X31 Technologies. He works remotely from wherever he happens to be (usually Colorado) with his 7 homeschooled kids and very patient wife. Former missionary to Paraguay, South America. Also co-owner of NodePing uptime monitoring service.
Roy Campbell
Tim Young
Tom Francis