Navigating Change

The need has never been greater for mission technologists in Great Commission work to stay relevant and connected. We are doing ministry with technology in a time of swift changes. On one hand, members of our mission are able to do incredible and unprecedented things with technology, often with only a basic understanding of the technology they are using. Examples include innovative uses of social media, unique cloud-based web applications, and more. On the other hand, our organizations are encountering decreased public institutional trust and increased regulatory requirements, especially with regards to electronically gathered information. Furthermore, our organizations are faced with new threats in the form of cyber attacks, loss and/or hijacking of critical and sensitive information, and hostility of those who oppose or severely misunderstand us. The challenges for our organizations (both technical and ministry focus) are far too great to face alone. As we navigate the present-day challenges and changes, we and our organizations need to be well partnered. As fellow mission technologists, we look forward to meeting you this June in Hannibal, Missouri as we embark on a journey of Navigating Change. Welcome to ICCM-Americas 2018!