Registration is now only open for commuters.

Commuters registered after June 10th will need to provide their own meals. Commuter Registration ends June 15th

Commuter Registration
Conference Options Cost
(US Dollars)
Commuter $200

Workshops (must also register & pay for early arrival) Cost
(US Dollars)
One Day (four listed) $35
Two Day (one listed) $70

Early Arrival Cost
(US Dollars)
Early Arrival, Commuter, each day $15
Airport Shuttle, two-way $45

Discounts Amount
Missio Nexus Membership (per conference attendee, not family)* $25
Academic (college-level faculty, staff or student) $25

Register early to get the most from your ICCM conference experience!

Complementary shirts are being ordered for attendees who complete registration by May 25. After June 10, registration is only open for commuters who will be responsible for their own meals and accommodations. Like all other attendees, commuters must register online in advance of the conference (preferably by June 15). Please contact us with specific questions.

*Since the possibility of Missio Nexus membership is restricted in part by ministry type and location, we will accept membership in similar professional/collaborative organizations as well.