REST for your Spirit: Learning to study the Bible Inductively

Have you ever wanted to sit down during your quiet times and discover nuggets of truth in God’s Word? When we find a new truth in the Bible on our own, it can bring an excitement to reading the Bible as well as an ownership of its truths. Studying the Bible inductively is a process of examining specific facts that lead to a general conclusion. Rather than someone telling you about a biblical book, you discover the truths yourself by looking at the Scriptures. In this session, we are going to discuss what is inductive Bible study compared to other forms of Bible study. We then are going to examine the four steps involved in inductive Bible study. Finally, we will study a passage of Scripture, putting into practice the steps we have learned. My desire is that the participants in this session will leave with the tools they need to discover on their own what the Bible says and, thus, be able to receive REST for their spirits whenever it is needed.

REST for your Body: Learning to eat Nutritiously

For the last 25 years, I and my family have been on a nutritional journey. We have slowly eliminated various foods from our diet, and this has greatly contributed to our overall health. I have learned that what people eat does affect how they live and whether they will be able to do all God has called them to do. In this session, we will discuss some of the top foods to eliminate and why. Then we will examine easily made, healthy alternatives and the benefits they bring to our health. We will focus special attention to freshly ground grains and raw honey. At the end of the session, I will give out some recipes to start the participants on their road toward eating more nutritiously and experiencing REST for their bodies.


Have you ever been concerned about burnout? Have you felt a need for deep rest and renewal? Many missions organizations offer sabbaticals to their staff, but not many people know how to wisely and intentionally take a sabbatical. Come and learn what it means to take a sabbatical — temporarily stepping away from your usual job stresses in order to pursue rest, renewal, refocusing, and/or personal growth, and doing so in an intentional fashion. We’ll cover what a sabbatical is, when and why to take one, how to make the most of a sabbatical, taking sabbaticals with your family, communicating well with your financial and prayer supporters, and how to develop a sabbatical program if you’re an organizational leader.

Deciding Who Decides How You Spend Your Time

Work/Life Separation has been a big issue for a while. How can IT folks avoid burnout when 24/7 tech support is expected? How can Christians avoid burnout when there are always people with a real needs all around us? We will look at Biblical teaching and practical experience on the matter. Expect lots of discussion.

Introduction to Agile Software Development with Scrum and Kanban

This is a basic introduction to Agile software development with a focus on the common ‘Scrum’ and ‘Kanban’ processes. It will walk through what agile is and how it can improve your software development processes.


Streamlined Software Development with the Atlassian Integrated Tool Suite

We will take a look at some low cost, high quality, tools that are integrated together to streamline the software development life cycle. These tools are free for open source projects or $10 for teams of 10 or less. These tools can be used in traditional software development as well as Agile software development. Tools include Jira for defect tracking as well as agile project management, Bitbucket as a front-end for GIT, Confluence for document, wiki-like, hosting, Bamboo as a continues integration/test server, plus more.

The Importance of User Experience in the Workplace (and how technology plays a key role)

As we continue to grow into a rapid age of digital natives, how are we ensuring that the same digital experience we see in the secular and consumer worlds are brought to the missions field? Join this session to explore key aspects for driving more successful user experience such as understanding your consumer, managing digital clutter, omnichannel engagement, self-service content, chatbots, mobile UI, adaptive interactions, accessibility and value creation. It’s all about meeting people where they are and giving them digital avenues that can support a diverse set of technological skill levels.

Web Forms and Document Generation

It’s time to stop collecting data with paper forms and email. We will explore collecting user data with web forms and customizing what is done once the data is collected. There are a variety of tools out there, ranging from paid services to writing your web form from scratch. This is an intro that will weigh the pros and cons of the various tools and present some fun things that can be done once the data is collected.

Why FreeBSD in 2019?

How FreeBSD 12 can benefit you with first class support for the ZFS filesystem with data integrity and better-than-hardware RAID, bulletproof updates/upgrades, superior firewalling with PF, high performance virtualization, systemd-free, containerization with jails, and great stability

Introduction to Synology

This session will provide an introduction to Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices and the many programs & features that come with it which you can take advantage of. David will cover the control panel, networking features, and setting up shared folders with granular permissions – including integration with your existing Active Directory structure. David will also cover several of the packages that are available with it for free, including VPN Server, Hyper Backup (which allows you to back up your entire NAS into cloud services such as Amazon, Dropbox, and other related services), and Cloud Station Server. You’ll also learn how to securely share files, or request files from others.

Unifi Your Network

Unifi your network and demystify network and camera remote management.
Are you looking for a plug and play network setup that is complete, remote managed, feature rich, and not obsolete? Not mention something that is reasonably priced equipment, easy to install, and with a camera security system? Network product line Unifi from Ubiquity (Click here for Unifi Protect security camera system) might be exactly what you need. Unifi is perfect for small to medium sized offices, schools, churches, internet cafes, etc that need to be remote-managed. Rob will be sharing his experience on a recent install of a complete Unifi network: several WiFi access points, two switches, router, 10+ cameras, and Cloud Key Gen2 Pro. We’ll remote in to the network and show you right at ICCM! Come with your questions and learn about Unifi’s easy to install, easy to manage network and camera equipment. Already know about Unifi? You’re welcome to contribute to the Q&A portion of the session.

Writing PUSH Notifications for NodePing

Monitor server metrics, local networks, or anything else you can think of with NodePing PUSH checks. This session will be a beginners guide to configuring PUSH checks. We will also show you how you can write your own.

Data Analytics & Introduction to R

Quality information facilitates quality decision making. Data analytics is the process of turning raw data into quality information. Whether it is records from server logs or text from social media discussions about your latest mission project, raw data is most useful after it has been organized, evaluated, and visualized. R is a powerful open-source platform for data analysis and visualization. R is often used in conjunction with Python and integrates with commercial products such as Power BI and Tableau. The R community is active and robust with a large online community that actively shares tutorials and offers help. Thus, R is an excellent platform for data analytics in mission organizations. The following topics will be covered.

  • The what and why of data analytics
  • Installing R
  • Working with data in R
  • Creating Visualizations in R
  • Introduction to advanced methods of data mining: Prediction and classification
  • Resources for further learning

VOIP Round Table

This is a round-table discussion about VOIP. Many ICCMers use VOIP (Voice over IP) Phone Systems, and many have developed preferences for brands, vendors, technologies, firewalls, and the like. In this session, we plan to gather people with opinions, and questions, on what works best for missions using VOIP. There is no set presentation, just the time to discuss, ask questions, and answer them. There is a moderator who will keep things moving.

Data Management for Nonprofits

This session addresses multiple ways nonprofits can securely and reliably manage their data. He will introduce “The Cloud” and will explain how to practice data security, whether using cloud-based or local data storage options. We will also discuss how nonprofits can use options such as Google Apps for Nonprofits to better manage, store, and backup their data, including donor data bases.

Electronic Equipment Power Protection and Grounding Practices

  • Overview of abnormal electrical power conditions
  • The effects of “bad” power on sensitive electronic equipment
  • Recommended grounding practices
  • Different categories of surge protective devices
  • “Hands On” demonstration of protection systems

GDPR – No More FUD!

“Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” reign as consultants continue to cash checks. This session will focus on the impact of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, especially on organizations based outside of the European Union. We will discuss the scenarios where personal data processing can fall under the regulation, commonly overlooked processing activities that may be in scope, and the implications for dealing with GDPR as a covered entity or as an interconnected bystander. Additionally we will discuss the best ways to get a GDPR fine, and we may even ask, is there value in any of this?

Privacy in the U.S., No Longer a Dirty Word?

California Consumer Privacy Act, US Privacy Bill of Rights, Data Retention Laws, Data Breach notification requirements, where will it end? The answer is not anytime soon. The compliance and regulatory landscape for processing data in the U.S. seems headed for the most tumultuous time of change in recent history. This presentation will discuss how to plan for new regulatory changes and how having a strong foundation of data protection programs may be able to help you weather the storm.

Project Management: On Time – On Budget

The essentials of effective Project Management including how to manage your tasks and time when there are always too many of the first and not enough of the second.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting: Getting the Best Ping for Your Buck

In this session we will discuss how to assess your existing infrastructure, determine a replacement strategy and budget, and effectively communicate with leadership in ways that align with organizational goals.

Sessions listed are subject to change.