2019 ICCM Americas Sessions

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Missionaries taking Sabbaticals


Setting Boundaries when working in Missions

Nutrition/ Healthy eating / Shopping

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Inductive Bible Study

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Agile Software Development

Atlassian Development Tools

Using the Atlassian Toolset (Jira, Confluence, etc) for your project.

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Why FreeBSD in 2019?

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Unifi Your Network

Unifi your network and demystify network and camera remote management.
Looking for a plug in play network setup that is complete, remote managed, feature rich, and not obsolete? I forgot to mention reasonably priced equipment, easy to install, and with a camera security system. Look no further than the network product line Unifi from Ubiquity. https://unifi-sdn.ui.com and see here for Unifi Protect security camera system: https://unifi-protect.ui.com. Now I know we all like to manage config files for switches; buy consumer wifi with old buggy firmware and limited features; and command line our way to firewall rules but who has that time? Do you have small to medium sized offices, schools, churches, internet cafes, etc? Do you need to remote manage these locations? Rob Taylor, from Action International Ministries and small shop techno-missionary,  will be sharing his experience with you on a recent install of a complete Unifi network: several wifi access points, 2 switches, router, 10+ cameras, and Cloud Key Gen2 Pro he manages. We can remote in to the network and show you right at ICCM! Rob has been using Uniif APs for many years now and recently had the opportunity to do a complete unifi stack install. Come with your questions and hopefully you to will benefit from learning about Unifi easy to install and easy to manage network and camera equipment. Already know about Unifi? come and contribute to the Q&A portion of the session. I have not worked with the new Unifi Lighting but we can briefly talk about it if you like too.

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Data Management for Nonprofits

Presented by: David White
In this session, David will address multiple ways nonprofits can securely and reliably manage their data. He will introduce “The Cloud” and will explain how to practice data security whether using cloud-based or local data storage options. David will also discuss how nonprofits can use options such as Google Apps for Nonprofits to better manage, store, and backup their data, including donor data bases.


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