We have two great pre-conference workshops lined up for this year! Below are the workshop titles and descriptions.

The cost of this year’s workshop is $20 for the workshop and $25 for arriving early (extra room & board), at a total cost of $45.


SQL Server Workshop

Total Cost $45
Microsoft SQL Server is a very broad product with numerous possible topics of discussion. This workshop will cover the topics and issues requested by the attendees within the areas of the database engine, database design, queries and stored procedures, T-SQL, indexing and performance, admin, security, architecture, and application design. Once you’ve registered for the workshop, you can email your areas of interest or specific question to Pauln@MinsitryWeaver.com

This workshop is lead by Paul Nielsen, 10x Microsoft SQL Server MVP, author of SQL Server 2008 Bible, and founder of Ministry Weaver, inc.

Enjoy Drupal: Site Building Basics

Total Cost $45
Learn how to build your first Drupal website from the ground up through interactive, lecture-based instruction and practical real-world examples. A full day training consisting of progressive beginner topics in the morning (content creation, content types, fields & views) followed by mentored advanced topics and feature building in the afternoon.This event is geared towards those who are unfamiliar with Drupal and would like to learn how to build their first website from the ground up; however all are welcome to attend and learn best practices or refamiliarize themselves.Agenda:

  • Introductions and getting to know the people who are attending.
  • Discuss what Drupal is and what it can be used for by showing case studies, real world examples, and polling the audience.
  • Lectures and mentored exercises to go through the steps of creating your first website in Drupal.
  • Introduce the audience to some leaders in the community and discuss the various opportunities to get connected with the local and online Drupal community at large.