Conference Dates: June 16 – 20, 2014

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Session Schedule

Room Assignments: 

  1. Auditorium
  2. Overholtzer Room
  3. Wisner Room
  4. Grant Room
  5. Zuraw Room

Note: All rooms are located in the main building (same building as ICCM registration and the cafeteria).

Tuesday, June 17 Presenter
1:30pm – 2:45 Room 1 (Auditorium): Concepts of Security Kevin Weaver
Room 2 (Overholtzer Room): Surving a Migration to Office 365 Ed Eby, Leon Hedding & John Huschka – Leon & John presenting Remotely
Room 3 (Wisner Room): Introduction to Moodle Josh Goodwin
Room 4 (Grant Room): Software Development Proverbs Paul Neilsen
Room 5 (Zuraw Room): Information Technology, Cross Cultural Ministry & the Poor Andrew Sears
3:15 – 4:25 Room 1 (Auditorium): Surviving a Migration to Google Apps Richard Ingram
Room 2 (Overholtzer): Technology and Temptation John Edmiston
Room 3 (Wisner): What is Drupal? David Needham
Room 4 (Grant): UX / UI Paul Neilsen
Room 5 (Zuraw): How to Successfully Perform an Information Systems Risk Assessment – Using OCTAVE Allegro Corey Keating
Wednesday Presenter
11:00 – 12:00 Room 1 (Auditorium): Building a Role-Based security environment in Active Directory Dave Crim
Room 2 (Overholtzer): Helping Your Users Make Their Case (or Discover Their Folly) Ron Hane
Room 3 (Wisner): Introduction to Computer Security David White
Room 4 (Grant): Hardening your SQL Server Paul Neilsen
Room 5 (Zuraw): Mobile Apps for Missions John Edmiston
Thursday Presenter
1:30 – 2:45 Room 1 (Auditorium): Everything you know about Mobile is… Antoine Wright
Room 2 (Overholtzer): Extreme Differences – Working with Cross-Cultural Teams Roy Campbell
Room 3 (Wisner): Linux Servers and Applications Ben Woods
Room 4 (Grant): Database Performance Paul Neilsen
Room 5 (Zuraw): Technology and the End Times John Edmiston
3:15 – 4:30 Room 1 (Auditorium): What a technician needs to know when dealing with end users David & Linda Householder
Room 2 (Overholtzer): Security Incidents & Responses (Open Discussion) David White
Room 3 (Wisner): Influential Mobile Ministry Projects of the Past Year Antoine Wright
Room 4 (Grant): Salesforce CRM: Is it Right for You? Evan Donovan
Room 5 (Zuraw): Rasberry PI and LTSP for ICafes and/Computer Centers John Edmiston

BoF Information

BoF 1

Room 1 IT Security in 2015
Room 2 HelpDesk and/or Desktop Support
Room 3 Strategic Display of Missions Information LarryKraft, tnurkkala
Room 4 How to get there… Getting into missions tech. MrPete, GregB, tnurkkala
Room 5  How Do we Define and Grow Technology and Missions/Ministry as a Field johnedmiston

BoF 2

Room 1 Important basics on security perspective from a world class expert MrPete
Room 2 Google Apps
Room 3 Managing a WordPress Website david
Room 4 Collaborating with techies in your geographic area davidneedham
Room 5 Samba4 – IdM/FreeIPA

BoF 3

Room 1 Collaboration Tools and Intranet options for internal collaboration loren_rothmann, davidneedham, tnurkkala
Room 2 Office 365 tom
Room 3 Cloud based systems and the Creative Access worker
Room 4 Business Intelligence / Reporting
Room 5 Community Anti-Malware subscription: Info and Input MrPete

BoF 4

Room 1 TrueCrypt
Room 2 Effective and relevant IT Department jochum, paulz
Room 3 VoIP? johnlochridge
Room 4 Breaking the Bandwidth Barrier – Sharing Knowledge with Remote Colleagues loren_rothmann
Room 5 Kardia open source missions CRM and Finance software GregB