TFM (Technology for Missions) is your chance to show everyone a project you have been involved with that has made a difference in the effectiveness of your ministry. It does not need to be complex or ultra modern (rethinking and reusing old technology creatively and effectively is appreciated). It may be creative or it may be a particularly well-implemented application of an IT commodity (system admins take note). All are encouraged to take part.

PRIZES will be given via drawing to several TFM participants.  You cannot be part of the drawing unless you give a presentation, so start thinking now!


Deadline for entries will be after breakfast Thursday morning at the conference. We will announce how to submit them at the conference.


Projects will be presented Friday afternoon to the whole group. One or more people will have 6 minutes to present the project and 4 minutes to answer questions. (The time limits may be shortened if we get a lot of entries.)

The presentation must include:

  • Title (approximately 60 characters or less)
  • File(s) that can be distributed via the internal ICCM NAS, such as:
    • PDF documents containing outline or full text
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Picture(s)/drawing (can be scanned)
    • Other media (a web site, screen captures, etc.)


The prizes will be awarded via a drawing after all of the presentations are completed.



It is the responsibility of the prize recipients, to pay any taxes necessary.