An introduction on the free, open-source, distributed NoSQL database management system providing high availability clusters spanning multiple datacenters with asynchronous masterless replication.

Reasons to consider machine containers

How machine container software like Jails and LXD can increase efficiency, development, security, and system management

Nextcloud: The Free and Open Source cloud

Create your own secure cloud for easy file syncing, sharing, chatting, and a whole lot more.

Powershell Basics – Hands on Lab

We will cover the basics of PowerShell including:  Get vs Set commands, Using options on PowerShell,  Passing the results of one command into another command, Formatting results, Exporting Results to CSV, and other topics.

This lab is hands on so you must bring (or borrow) a device capable of running RDP.  We will be connecting via RDP to the lab running on Amazon Web Services so we should have no performance issues.

Practical IT Security Assessments

Come learn how to perform a practical IT Security assessment for your ministries’ offices, prioritize the highest risks and employ strategies for appropriate security controls.

Internet-Facing Security Scanning

Your ministries’ externally facing assets are the primary target of the organization. Come learn how to scan your ministries website, applications, and internet accessible assets for security problems.

Digital Threat Profiles

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cybersecurity. Learn how to help your field staff assess their digital security needs based on their ministry context and apply practical risk reduction steps.

Managing your Digital Footprint

A difficult aspect of ministry in sensitive locations is making sure to manage your “digital footprint.” Using real-world examples, we will walk through tools and strategies to do this more effectively.

Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework helps leaders and team members to determine their own perspectives and how those may conflict or correspond to others in the team, in the department, and in the organization as a whole.

Using Excel for Filtered List Management

Filtered list management, date logic and macros. We’ll start with some basic concepts, tools and techniques, and then develop a few additional ways to make managing your life, your schedule and THE LIST more like a pleasure, and less like a root canal without Novocain.

Intercultural Competency

Intercultural Competency and what that means from a leadership perspective.

Structuring new engagements for long term success

Starting well is critical for long term success; and it can be really hard to do. We’ll cover the essential elements of successful engagements

You signed up for Office 365…Now what?

Office 365 provides a powerful set of enterprise grade tools that are now available to small organizations. The options can seem overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to start. In this session we will talk about what all those apps do, how to help teams work together, letting HR help you manage the directory, and an introduction on how to automate business processes.

Hands-On with Decision Analysis

Many IT staffers find it challenging to make a convincing argument to management about how to solve important problems in their organization. As Tom presented in last year’s ICCM keynote presentations, Decision Analysis (DA) is an effective technique to clarify requirements, identify solutions, and make a sound decision. In this session, Tom will walk through the DA process using a real example supplied by an attendee. Come prepared with an issue that you’re currently facing, and we’ll tackle it together!

An Introduction to Mobile App Development

So, you need a mobile app, or at least, somebody thinks you do. Where do you start? What do you need to know? This presentation will give an overview of what kinds of minimal skills, technologies, information (text, graphics, contacts), and resources (people and website) you will need. There’s a lot of additional info you need beyond the app itself! As a bonus, the presentation will include some reasons you shouldn’t do a mobile app, and what you should do instead.

Bootstrap: An Intro To Javascript and CSS Libraries

Front end web development can be tedious and time consuming. Lucky for us there are people who have done a lot of the work for us. We will talk about what Javascript and CSS libraries are, and how they can be used to efficiently and more easily do front end web development. We will also do some on the fly development using Bootstrap to display the benefits using these libraries.

The Role of IT in an Organization

As IT people we can get so bogged down in the day to day issues that we lose track of why we are even trying to solve them. Organizations can unfortunately see IT as a money drain and lose site of the possible advantages. This is wasting a valuable resource. We need to take a step back and talk about how to change IT from a reactionary service department into a proactive strategic partner.

Technology in Cross-Cultural Settings for Ministry

Media Distribution Devices (Connect Boxes), Internet connectivity for remote areas (VSAT installs), Social Media and internet tools for reaching seekers, using technological skills as a means to live in restricted access countries.

Unpacking the broad and diverse world of e-learning options

Does your organization have an interest in pursuing some kind of e-learning technology? Are they coming to you for advice or asking you to implement something? Today there is much talk about “e-learning” and many options out there competing for your attention. This workshop will orient you to the breadth of variants that all fall under the category e-learning — online courses, webinars, on-demand video, virtual classroom, podcasts, wikis, independent study courses, micro-learning, mobile apps — and then explore what each is particularly capable of and how to assemble a unique combination of learning options for your unique community of learners. Whether you are trying to bring together peers that are geographically spread out or trying to make learning available right at the moment of need, there may be a tool out there that can deliver.

Power Protection Fundamentals

Electrical Power Protection Fundamentals for Sensitive Electronic Equipment. An overview of abnormal electrical power conditions, the effects of power on sensitive equipment, different categories of protection devices and a live demonstration of practical devices applicable to mission computing and communications system.